“I taught Michallia the BUS 2504 Web Development course during Winter 2019. The course is applied  in nature, and is based on hands-on projects and research assignments carried out both individually and in small groups. Michallia achieved a final grade of 83% in the course, ranking her in the top 10% of her class. 

Michallia is recognized for her positive attitude, passion for learning and eagerness to take on new, challenging work. She is always the first to volunteer when asked, and shows up with a big smile. Michallia has a warm, calm and approachable personality, making her a great leader and role model for students at Humber College.

– Hanadi Alnawab, Professor & Program Coordinator, Humber College

“Michallia did an excellent job at designing my professional web page. She successfully collaborated on the goals, the timeline, and the content and creatively added pictures aligned with the purpose and content. She was professional in her presentation, and her performance. She completed the work in a timely fashion and enthusiastically incorporated any feedback with attention to detail and expertise.

Her polite, professional manner demonstrated excellent communication and relationship building skills. Her willingness to apply an excellent standard of customer service and care was admirable. I am confident that Michallia would make significant contributions to a business or organization that was oriented to success in terms of digital marketing services.”

– Mary Grogan, Co-Active Coach & Professor at George Brown College

“There are great students, there are excellent students, and there is Michallia Marks. She is one of the five best students I’ve ever taught. This is not a small detail; I’ve taught more than 2000 students at Humber College. Michallia is not just an amazing student, but she is a thoughtful, empathetic person.

We met in my winter 2018 course, The Art of Leadership. Michallia’s academic performance was peerless; she earned a final grade of 100. Her final grade was legitimate, not inflated by bonus opportunities. That was the highest mark in a class of more than 50 people. Michallia dedicated herself to the course. Despite an 8am start time, she attended all 13 classes, waking up extremely early to make it on time.

What’s more, she inspired and motivated her peers to be great. She formed a study group of several students of divergent backgrounds, and that group excelled. On a group exercise, her chosen team outperformed all others in the class in terms of creativity and views on YouTube. To put it another way, Michallia stood out as a leader in the classroom. She not only embraced the lessons of the course but put them to practice in her life. That’s extremely impressive.

I’ll be blunt. Having Michallia in my class was a true blessing. She is a student who improved my class with her presence, effort and ideas. I know my class would not have been the same without her. She is a consummate student and human.” 

– Blake Lambert, Professor, Humber College

“Michallia put her heart and writing strengths into countless blogs for our website. She has a gift for capturing relatable experiences with the beauty of language arts.” 

– Tara Taylor, Purple Stage Door Productions

“You have been a wonderful student and your passion for learning was amazing. I wish you all the best with your degree.”

– Aqueela Tabassum, Professor, Humber College